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Top Search Engine Optimization (søkemotoroptimalisering) Tips

Top Search Engine Optimiztion Tips

Defining Search Engine Optimization

It is very important to ensure that your content is relevant and can be ranked very high in the search engines. The higher your site ranks, the more viewers it will get and the more you will make. So, what exactly is Search Engine Optimization? In simple terms it is making your website easier for the search engines to find. You do this by providing high quality content and making sure your content has keywords relevant to your field. Such as shown here

Have a Specific Niche

The purpose of SEO is discoverability, therefore, make sure your blog focuses on one major topic. Most high ranking blogs specialize in a particular niche and this makes it easy for the search engines to find them. You may decide to write about fashion for example. It is better for SEO purposes to narrow it down and become more specific: focus on men’s fashion, ladies fashion or teen fashion. the more specialized your site is the better!

Use Relevant Keywords

Google is arguably a bloggers best friend Use this powerful tool to search for relevant keywords that people in your particular niche look for. With this information, write your articles using these keywords. However, be very careful not to ‘chock’ your article by stuffing too many of the keywords into it. Remember, as much as you want the search engines to find your content, you are writing for human beings, so make your article easy and pleasant to read.

Use Links

Back linking is one of the most effective ways of Search Engine Optimizations. Backlinks make your site appear more trustworthy, authoritative and relevant. There are two main linking methods: link articles from your blog to each other or link different articles on your blog to different sites. Select the sites you link your articles to carefully to make sure they will not damage your sites reputation – look for high ranking sites.

These are just a few of the many strategies you can use to make sure your content is optimized. By applying them, you will have taken a big step in making sure that your hard work is rewarded in